“Marshall somehow creates ease even in heated environments. I’m not sure if this is more due to skill, his nature, or both, but I’m convinced it’s both.”


—Andy Acker, Zen Priest

“Marshall is a highly competent and actively engaged proponent of restorative practices. In his time with Restorative Justice of Winona County he worked closely with school-aged youth in many capacities, leaving an indelible mark on those he encountered. He cares deeply about enhancing the human condition though his teachings." 

—Drew Althoff, Restorative Justice Coordinator Winona County

“Marshall taught our church group about nonviolent communication, responded to our questions with compassion and skill and easily adjusted his plans to meet our needs. He helped us understand NVC as a spiritual practice that can move the world towards gentleness and justice, as we are called by our faith to do. We are already using a different vocabulary when we talk about conflicts we face within the church. Marshall's work changed us!”


—Kate Wolfe-Jenson, Adult Education Committee Member at New Life Presbyterian Church

“I have been thrilled and inspired in my meetings with Marshall. As we have talked, I have seen the value in non-violent communication in calming disagreements, bridging people of different perspectives, and paving the way for interpersonal justice and equality. I believe NVC can help connect people without forcing conformity, and I have been able to employ these techniques communicating with people of varied backgrounds in our church. NVC can fit with Jesus’ middle way of actively addressing issues without resorting to violence.


I recommend Marshall to any church organization that wants to grow connecting people or overcoming disagreements equitably.”

—Steven Douglas, Associate Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church

“Marshall and I met as volunteers in a Restorative Justice program. We became friends out of a common passion for influencing alternative and nonviolent transformation of systems needing the compassionate touch of the human heart and soul. I value his intentions, skills and commitment to teaching and practicing life affirming ways of communicating. He is a person whose contributions will make a difference in your life, as they have in mine."


—Jean Lauer, Heartwisdom Center for Compassionate Consciousness

“Without hesitation and with great enthusiasm for his work in restorative justice, Marshall accepted the challenge of speaking to my class about listening with empathy. Then, again without hesitation, Marshall accepted an even greater challenge to train a roomful of our faculty in how to use nonviolent communication to facilitate difficult classroom discussions. He listens carefully to audience questions and addresses them with respect and competence.”


—Debra Ricci, faculty, Metro State University