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Help for Individuals

I provide one-on-one coaching for those who want to make peace with their emotions and live with more purpose.

Through weekly 50-minute sessions, you will learn how to:


🍃 Work on what's important without burning out

🍃 Be easygoing and effective

🍃 Make sense of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings

🍃 Find options where you feel trapped

I had the great fortune to be a client of psychologist and author, Dr. Amr Barrada. First Amr was my therapist who helped me recover from my problems with anxiety and depression. Later, he became a mentor and collaborator. Though I do not have a degree or license myself, I now coach others who want to learn and practice Amr's model for emotional health.

Call me at 507-459-7217 for a free 50-minute consult.

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